Nationwide Start to Save Account - £100 Prizes & 1% Interest

Posted 5th Mar 2020
Save £50 per month (or up to £100) in each of the three months leading up to prize draws on 21 July 2020, 21 October 2020, 22 January 2021, and 23 April 2021 when there will be multiple £100 prizes!

Depending on number of savers and how much they put in, your chance of winning is between 1 in 34 and 1 in 67.

Opening single accounts in your name and that of BOH gives you TWO chances at the prize (a joint account gives you one chance between you).

No, you can't have two single accounts AND a joint account, I tried that! Yes, you need to have a NW account already, or open one. Yes, interest rate isn't great, but they are little better elsewhere and here-be better odds than the lottery or Premium Bonds; I say worth putting £50pm in if you can afford it.


Editted; funny how you can't see typos until you click POST!
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