Natural Rock Salt Lamps.....Problem

Found 30th Jan 2007
About 6 months ago I bought a couple of Natural Rock Salt Lamps of the type seen here:

We have them turned on periodically but not constantly. This evening I went to turn them on and noticed a white residue on the wooden surface (fireplace) where they are situated. I have noticed this before but to be honest didn't pay it too much attention.
Anyway this time it was very noticable so I looked closer and it appears that these lamps "weep". The white residue is obviously salt.

Has anyone else got these lamps and has anyone else noticed the same problem ? There was certainly NO warning in the boxes the lamps were delivered in.

To me it's not too much of a problem but anyone who has these lamps and has situated them on a metal or suchlike surface it could cause major damage.

Any comments or suggestions on cause and remedy would be appreciated.
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got the other half one for christmas, £6.99 for a huge one from LIDL and she loves it.

Yes, it does have a slight residue and tastes salty (I've not been licking it honestly)
yeah had the same problem with ours but when we bought it (some little shop in edinburgh it was full of stuff like this) the guy told us to put it on a plate as it 'weeps'. Broke ours when moving bedrooms :-( I definatly would not recoment dropping it on your foot!:x
Thanks for the replies.
Glad it's not just me then. There's a few people out there who are going to be seriously upset if they've placed them on a surface that doesn't like salt !

Have you (or in jennybubbles case, did you) noticed any benefits from the lamps ? I really like them to look at and they give out a nice light but as to all the so called virtues of rock salt, well, I'm not so sure

Thanks again and take care.
nope I just found it really relaxing nice glowing light like you but not to sure about the rest. Maybe if it was used long term? i know someone who says it really helps her sleep but not to sure if thats just down to the relaxation thing.
Might have to get another one now.

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