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Found 22nd Jan 2018
Does anyone know if i already have a select current account with natwest and i upgrade my account to a rewards account, would i be credit checked?
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I upgraded my account with Halifax in one of their branches a few years back and as far as I'm aware there were no issues. They also did it there and then as well.
You would normally be credit checked but whether it’s a soft check or a hard check I can’t be sure. Soft check confirms your details such as address etc, hard check checks your shoe size etc
I already have an account with them so i dont understand why they would need to even soft check me.

Ive rang natwest FOUR times today and twice got told i would be and twice got told i wouldnt!

I then message them on twitter and they said ‘more likely’ i would. Wtf haha

Ive opened 2 current accounts and a phone contract account in the past 12 months. I dont want to damage my credit file having too many appications
Over the years, my account with natwest got upgraded automatically and as far as i am aware, i was never credit checked as they would have to tell me.

I have the rewards current account at the moment and the bank manager upgraded me to that after he asked me if i would be ok with the monthly fee, but that i got stuff to compensate.

When you upgade with natwest, i dont think they do a credit check on you, as they can see your financial history from your account transactions
I'm sure you could always ask at any branch as well, I'm sure they would be happy to tell you.
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