natwest app on samsung S7 edge

Found 1st Nov 2016
I've just bought the Samsung galaxy s7 edge but I'm trying to set up my NatWest app and it's telling me I need to turn off screen overlay but I don't know how to do it.
Can anyone help?
Thanks xx
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I have the same app on the same phone and I didn't have to do that?
it means you have something else running, perhaps a third party screen dimmer, or something like that.
If you have clean master app (cm) try to uninstall it. Google is your friend.
I've had this issue before. Basically there is another app open that is 'drawing' over the screen. My culprit was Facebook Messenger where it puts the little circle on the screen so you can easily open a chat. I closed that app down and was able to complete the installation
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