Found 5th Jun 2008
Hello eveyone, i am some advice.

I bank with Natwest last month a cheque was returned as i was 6 pound short, they charged my 38 pound straight away.
Which took me over and gave me a negative balance.
Today i got a letter saying there is a maintenance charge aswell of 28 pound.

Is there anything i can do ?

I dont want to close account due to poor credit ( I.V.A )
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Best thing to do is to ring up Natwest tomorrow. They should refund you the charge
I have had the same problem happen to me, I phoned them up and they refunded me charges so maybe try phoning them up ?
I tried that with the 38 pound as soon they issued it, but they declined.

I will try though x
the same thing happened to me aswell, i rang up and complained, and they refunded me
the first person i spoke to said they didnt do refunds, but then i asked to speak to manager, and he refunded me!

I tried that with the 38 pound as soon they issued it, but they declined. … I tried that with the 38 pound as soon they issued it, but they declined. I will try though x

Go into your closest branch and speak with someone face to face.
They may not see you as a profitable customer as you said about your negative balance but obviously it isnt going to always be that way.
Its very unfair the way that they have levied the charges. Best of luck, I hope that they refund you. :thumbsup:
I will try again fingers crossed, Thanks all.

I thought they had to reduce bak charges, obviously not.

Cheers again x
they are supposebly illegal is charged over 12 pound. best bet os nto to go in aggresive saying give me my ****ing money back, but nice calm and ask
it happened to me a year ago or so, and they refunded it when i asked nicely and stated how it was a one off.

however, that was when they were deemed illegal, but isnt it actually legal now? didn't they just call them fines instead or something annoying to be allowed to charge these fees?
If they charge you for going into an account deficit you may want to read this. I assume that the mentioned 6 other banks include Natwest...…er3
i payed my final bank charge with nat west after months of them messing me about with over draft so i told them to close it they didnt now the account is in £200 pound debt there is is just no talking to them i use hsbc now they only charge you £10 if i go over drawn by over £10 so just gotta sort them out
There is no law for bank accounts on what they can charge as of yet, this only applies to credit cards(the £12 max previously mentioned). Your best bet is to contact the bank.. Most banks will offer refunds/reversals if you have either not had any previous charges or if there was any exceptional reason (bereavement, severe illness or losing job.. along those lines). It is also a bad idea to question the legality of charges or you may have to wait till the court case is over before any action is taken. Best way to avoid charges in the future is just to get online banking so you can check on it daily. Hope this all helps.

How to get your money … How to get your money back

If you are looking for the funds back quicker and have not had any previous charges reversed/refunded i would advise calling the bank firstly. Not sure if it still is the case but i believe banks have all the cases which question the legality of charges on hold at the moment still as they have had since mid last year.

Same thing happened to me this month for the sake of 58p and bad timing … Same thing happened to me this month for the sake of 58p and bad timing with my maintenance payment which was in 3 days later than normal due to the Bank Holiday. No joy over the phone and I admit I was close to tears :oops: I just got the letter today about the £28 extra charge at the end of the month still to come too. :?

vote with your feet and go to one that is more caring (e.g. Smile, Co-op).
I believe most banks have a policy that they wont give you unauthorised OD charges if the OD was down to charges in the first place normally you have to tell them though.
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