natwest credit card charges abroad..please help!!

    Im planning on going to france and switzerland and wanted to use my natwest credit card(its the standard one with an overdraft of 500£ on it as im a student if that helps). I used my natwest debit card in paris over xmas and for about £200 in fragmented withdrawals i was only charged a couple of pound altogether which im pretty impressed with. But i withdrew £70 on my credit card from an english atm and was charged like £8.. so whats this going to be like abroad? I know abbey national do the free one but im going in 2 weeks and cant wait! anyone knowledgable on this subject?? e.g. should i withdraw funds from my credit card and put it on my debit card to reduce fees? im pretty clueless any help appreciated x


    The fees for cash in U.K. and Europe is 2.75% handling and daily interst at about 17% not use the card for cash use it for purchasing as it is accepted in nearly all bars and restaurants.


    Cant use it at the french markets though!

    No, take some currency and use the debit card if you have to draw any cash, keep that to a min if you can.Holidaying on abudget can be more fun than blowing loads and having to sort it all out when you return.


    I think the latters more fun

    Yeah credit card... dont withdraw cash.. cause sometimes and I MEAN SOMETIMES... they have this little clause which says, all previous debts have to be cleared before cash withdrawls are cleared...

    ie.. If you already have say £1000 on your credit card, and you go and withdraw, say £100 cash. Then you will have to clear £1000 first and then the £100. And if you are the ones to make say £200 payment towards ur card everymonth, you will take more than 6 months to clear off your £100 cash withdrawl, as it will add interest till that time. Some cards will also add purchases to the total, which need to cleared before you payback the cash withdrawl.. say in the above, you made a purchase of £400 in month 3.
    Then you would have paid back 600, but added another 400, which would need to be cleared before you can clear your cash withdrawl..

    Anyway, does anyone know of shops, where you can go with your credit card, and withdraw cash, but at a commision, so the card thinks its a purchase. Say like a cheque clearing store. You know, you get charge for £100 and you get £90 cash, and the card is charge for a £100 purchase?
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