Natwest overdrawn

    I am like £20 overdrawn on my natwest account but i know if you put it in on the day you wont be charged, is there a cut off time to get it in by?


    5pm when they close.


    5pm when they close.

    mum works for a bank I would say 3.30pm the same day just to make sure!!:thumbsup:

    I would phone and ask. I am asking Barclays to repay £22 they have charged me for going overdrawn, even though cash went in my account to cover everything on the same day I went overdrawn!
    All the banks just grab every penny they can:x

    Its always worthwhile reminding them what a good customer you are if they say you have deposited cash too late to cover payments taken out. Usually works for me;-)

    Lloyds grace period ends at 3:00pm

    I think it's earlier than 5 pm. Most banks close off their day's work at around 3.30 - and anything received after that is not posted until the next working day.

    So in answer to your question, ASAP!

    rbs / natwest is 2.30pm

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    Thanks, got there at 1:55pm just to be sure.
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