natwest savings account

    I opened up the natwest savings account last year, the deal was i got £50 for 12 months SO of over £100 which i did, i didnt recieve the £50 after the 12 months and i sent them an email and received an email back today saying they would pay the £50. Anyways i checked my account and i had been credited 2 lots of £50 so im £100 up. i withdrew all the money to my lloyds current account. I checked the natwest savings account and they have taken the extra £50 payment back out! Will i get charged an unauthorised overdraft fee on a savings account and can they actually take the money back just like that?

    any help would be appreciated


    They can take their money back I believe as it was a mistake. I dont think they can charge you for making you go overdrawn though.

    they should have phoned you and said "hey.. we made a mistake"

    .. but go there asap.. get it sorted.... their fault.. they MUST waiver the charge.

    Fight your corner!

    As if banks just give you money.

    Lol, for trying though.

    yes u will because that's not your money,its a mistake by thm,

    So you knew that you should have only had 1 £50 but when you seen they had paid 2 you withdrew it and put in into another account?
    If so then you have taken the money when you should not have so you will get charged for unauth overdraft. If it was a genuine mistake you have rights.
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