Posted 29th Sep 2022 (Posted 23 h, 43 m ago)
Ok so not the worst of Ebay stories, but naughty all the same, and as such would like others to be aware.
Now over the last six months I've had reason to buy 6 car audio wiring installation kits. Out of the six two have supplied very under spec'd cable. I ordered 8awg, and at best they sent 12 awg. Both happily refunded the money, but that is imo how they can considerably undercut genuine sellers, and also I bet there are many people out there who wouldn't know the difference.
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    For those who don't know, AWG is a US system for describing wire/cable thickness. Small numbers are bigger and it isn't a linear scale. Its important for the amount of power that can be supplied through the wire.
    AWG - stands for American Wire Guage
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    I'm glad it's not just me who notices. I'm sure in some cases it may just reduce performance, but In other cases it could end up in smoke!
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    Easy solution - don't buy your cabling from ebay?
    Personally I would purchase the cables locally and dress them accordingly, especially for in car audio...
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    I still don't know the difference
    One is 8 the other is 12. Duh! (edited)
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    I bought some wire to extend some LED light strips, I've seen thicker wire on an old Parallel ATA cable for a hard drive!! Sure enough it couldn't cope with the current required, despite being advertised for that specific application.

    Speaker cable is another where it's easy for the sellers to push their luck. My friend told me to look for '79 strand' as a reasonable way of identifying budget cable. But the amount of variation in that description is ridiculous now. I'm having to resort to AWG to make sure I'm getting anything better than doorbell wire.
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    I use 2 core mains flex for speakers as reading online the sound is no different. It's cable. Think the gold plated and fancy see through stuff looks nice. I would laugh though if boy racer had gray cooker flex coming from amplifier 😁 That would look terrible but funny (edited)
    It depends on the frequency of the transmission and the type of data - resistance can effect signal strength. Although a lot of those expensive cables are just snake oil, there is actually a science behind cabling (skinning, etc.), however when it comes to analogue audio the differences -whilst measurable- would be imperceivable to the human ear