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Found 9th Jun 2009
Sending the one I got back as screen dropped on one side. Anyway, when trying to get into turbo dog (sat nav option) it says I have performed an illegal oepration and will be shut down and after that the navigation wont work at all. Has anyone else encountered this?
It wont let me click on navigation at all now

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I would charge it up fully first before playing with it m8,
I had the same thing...
Fatal exceptions have to close etc etc etc all over the shop
you can reset it with the stylus in the little reset button on the back.

whilst I had it plugged into a works pc to charge, it constantly came up with disconnection warnings on the pc, and went through a loop so that I was unable to safely remove the device etc.... it repeatedly had these warnings every few seconds...

I think as it is fully flat its not happy, as after rigging up the car charger, it worked fine every time and not one more fault ever since it was charged...

look on the help site if you still have problems though, because I think a few have had issues...

I used mine to get home the 13 miles, and it worked fine... and the recalc time was wicked, all beit they were easy re-calcs, when I deliberately went the wrong way...

I'm now about to try TT7 :s

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Thanks Iwantblue, I was trying to play and charge at same time which I think ur right is the prob. This one going back today anyway, so I will charge my next one before using it! Repped u

Thanks... I can confirm TT7 worked fine , Now about to update maps as I picked an older set, but TT7 is much slicker...

I have had another fatal exception thingy now, but it was also after plugging in to a computer, and heard it giving the connected, disconnected , connected, disconnected chimes on the lappy before it had fully fired up.. on and off had it fixed. :-D

I would have preferred to have been able to use an SDHC card, but still for £45 this is a No Brainer...
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