NAVMAN F40 - Advice ... Anyone got one ? About to buy so please help......

    Hi just seen a Navman F40 sat nav for £47.99.
    I just want a basic sat nav for a bargain price so this seems perfect for me :
    It has bluetooth, Hands free, touch screen, uk & europe maps, uk postcode search, seems like a brilliant model - just what i want.

    Just wondered if anyone has one and can let me know how it is ? I cant find any reviews online for this model. Thanks

    Tech Spec:

    Bluetooth connection to pair compatible phones for safer, hands-free calling
    Western Europe maps using our latest mapping information
    Large 3.5 touchscreen
    Reliable, accurate GPS navigation with SiRFstar III technology
    Nearest Fuel and Park buttons to alert you to the nearest petrol station or car park
    Advanced Motorway Navigation
    Route Summary View and Pause Journey functions
    The F40 Europe also builds on the iCN 300 series GPS systems, to put powerful GPS capabilities at your fingertips
    POI import capability, so you can add your own places of interest, such as safety cameras, using the optional desktop connectivity kit
    Drive-Away so its ready to use out of the box
    Automatic re-routing with Back-on-Track
    Pre-installed maps of 21 European countries
    Wide range of accessories
    Software features

    Route Summary View
    Pause Journey unique to the Navman F-Series
    POI (places of interest transport-related POIs)
    Nearest POI/POI import (using optional Connectivity Kit)
    Full postcode address search (including 8 digit postcodes in the UK) not full postcode-based search in the Netherlands
    Voice guided instructions
    Favourite destinations stored
    Multiple routing options, eg, shortest/fastest, nearest POI
    Navigation views

    Next manoeuvre
    3D Moving map (adjust 3D zoom mode downwards to achieve 2D moving map mode)
    2D Mini map
    Route Summary

    Tele Atlas 2006
    SmartST navigation software for Navman F-Series
    Western Europe maps


    my brother bought one. Said it was rubbish, so took it back and exchanged it for a Garmin

    Original Poster

    Can i ask why it was rubbish ? Im not expecting a state of the art sat nav, just a basic one. Wont use it that much.

    F10 available on pre order - bought one last week - £39.99 and have got one on pre order…htm
    also bought two Navigos from W.H. Smith at £49.99

    Original Poster

    F10 doesnt have bluetooth or hands free does it?


    There's the best deal you're going to find today -…red

    it didnt update as quick as the garmin, so he kept missing the roads he needed

    Original Poster

    Okay thats a bit pointless isnt it - A sat nav that cant update quick enough so you miss your streets !
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