navman or 8 digit sat nav


    i`ve just had to return my navman f20 to ebuyer cos its defective, but they have no more to send me and i really want one...........i bought it via here for £100 and would like that price again. Can you guys help?

    thanks in hopefullness!


    Hi Drumma, iv had absolutely no problems at all matey with mine its really great, i think you must have just got an unlucky duff one.
    I think you should just contact navman and just hold off until they have more in stock and get one, just say to hold the order and when one comes in to send it out.
    That one has the latest maps mate, if you buy any other product you will just have to update the map anyway and that will cost you £80 upwards.

    Stick to the navman i would :thumbsup: :thumbsup:

    but wasn't the £100 price a BIG mistake by ebuyer and they then upped it rather swiftly after realising their error??? I expect you'll have difficulty getting at that price again.

    No they sold it to him at that contractual price they cant get out of that now, i got mine for £100 and so did some others here matey,

    Its like once when i went inot Asda at Aberdeen to buy a rucksack bag, the price under the bags was £14.99 which i thought was excellent as it looked dearer, when i got to the till it was £34.99, i took t he lady back to the selling shelve and she called 2 supervisers across, they said "well thats the wrong price but because we have advertised it at £14.99 you can have it at that".

    No way let Ebuyer get away with not giving you another one for the same price thats them just diddling you, when you bought the navman you should have been sent an email reciept thats your proof and thats what you should get it for.

    Dont let these companys get away with things, thay make thousands every day, this navman is just a tiny tiny wee dent in the money they rake in.
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