Nba jerseys?

Found 4th Jun 2011
Hey just wondering where the best place is to buy NBA jerseys in the uk is as i cant really find a reliable retailer.
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10 Comments has international delivery so you can try there. Also is a good option. Do you have any friends going to USA soon? They could buy it there cheaper.
sports direct or ebay
As above, foot locker or sports direct
been into both today

sports direct had very limited selection and footlocker had none whatsoever
Depends what you want.

Best bet - get a knock-off from Hong Kong on ebay. The Swingman jerseys will be better than most of the jerseys you can get in this country and the quality is usually quite good.
i know the footlocker in leeds do them
Very hard to find retailers in the UK if you looking for a specific jersey. NBA.Com is the closet you'll get.
Atm the only place i've seen them is sports direct with very limited selection/sizes.

Does anybody know any sites that sell good quality fakes by any chance? im not too bothered about them being real but aslong as they look the part i'll be happy
I know you asked a while ago, but i saw some in my local JJB was only a limited selection of the big teams.
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