NBA Street: Homecourt & Virtua Tennis 3

    I need to find somewhere that has both games for £36 if it is possible (or any combination that adds up to £72, as that's all I have left)?

    ChoicesUK have Virtua Tennis 3 for £38.99 (NBA Street: Homecourt is not listed on the site) but I've already used the 10% code (I ordered something, then cancelled because I though I would rather save the 10% off code for a larger order, apparently it doesn't work like that and now I can't use it again).

    Is there any way I could get the code to work again? If ChoicesUK listed them both and I could get 10% off I figure I could get them for £71-72).

    Amazon have NBA Street Homecourt for £39.99.

    I'm talking about the Xbox 360 versions by the way.

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