NC10 is a bit slow. Anyone know why, or how to speed it up?

Found 16th Aug 2009
Hi all

I am typing this from my 5 year old Acer as my new NC10 is driving me mental! Whenever I am typing it takes about a minute for the letters to catch up with my typing. Also, when clicking through websites it seems to take ages. The Acer is fine throughout.

I have upgraded to 2gb RAM, but thats the only mod.

Pleeeeease help!

Cheers all

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is the harddrive full?

what programs are you running in the background - virus scanner running perhaps?

is the harddrive full?what programs are you running in the background - … is the harddrive full?what programs are you running in the background - virus scanner running perhaps?

I have avg to scan at 4am, and there are absolutley no documents on the hard drive, thats the weird thing. Every now and then a pop up Samsung Recovery thing comes up asking me if I want to run it. Dunno if this has anything to do with it.
Mine is perfectly fast - it sounds less like a spec issue and more like an OS issue tbh.

Has it always been like this?
I had exactly the same problem with my Toshiba NB100 whilst on holiday. Was particularly bad on hotmail whilst trying to type a letter. Then had the same issue when I got home on my main PC. Thought it was a virus/keylogger, ran AVG thru and the problem seems to have stopped. Don't think it is the NC 10 at fault. If you restored it from the discs I bet the problem would stop.
It only happens on websites. It's actually pretty good this morning. It may be worth me going to google chrome or Firefox, it's currently on IE...
go into task manager ctrl alt delete then click on performance and see how much processor percent is being used sounds like its the 100% bug.if so still in task manager click on processes and see which is using the most cpu(probably your browser this happens if too many pages are open at time)best thing is then to reboot and maybe change browser to safari or something lite

this happens even worse with chrome as each tab is a seperate process plus with firefox it sometimes happens with only one page open.
on my n110, i use firefox and its perfectly fine, i really should be using chrome as thats lighter and faster, but i guess its a habit now to keep using firefox...anyway with chrome each tab opens a new process, so if anything is using alot of cpu, you can shut down the offending process without closing the whole browser
what happens with firefox is sometimes after a decent session it starts taking hundreds of mb of ram,i just checked and safari opens new processes same as chrome,maybe try opera they say it is one of the lightest browsers with up to date features.

or just do as teshnit says

saying all that i use chrome myself with windows 7 and just put up with it.
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