NCP Short Stay Birmingham Airport

    Does anyone know of any promotional codes for the Short Stay NCP car park at Birmingham Airport?

    I have seen codes for the Long Stay, and off airport parking companies, but am having no luck in finding a code for the short stay.

    Please help!



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    OK - No luck with the promotional codes, but I did manage to find a deal for the short stay, that works out cheaper than online.

    They have a deal on for 8 days for £66 (8 days exactly! - put in 8 days and 1 hr and it charges you £99 which is the normal online rate for 9 days!)

    I rang customer services and asked what happens if I book the deal, and the flight is delayed, or I go over the 8 days? Worst case scenario - you have to pay for an additional day at full rate (£19 a day), or best case they may just charge you for the additional hours.

    Either way is a winnner ... £66 + £19 = £85 saving £14 off the best online rate.

    To get this rate, you need to book online otherwise there is a £2.50 telephone booking charge.

    Hope this helps someone.

    we paid £29 for a weeks parking at the Newcaslte Airport so keep looking .... Im sure we'll find summit. iirc, it was Purple parking we used

    Give us some dates and I'll have a gander

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    Thanks Disco - Ive booked the NCP short stay.

    I realise that I could have got cheaper off-site parking, however I would feel more comfortable leaving my car on the airport site. Increased security and all . . . you would hope! :-)
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