NDS M3 and R4 card Where to buy

    Any one know where is cheapest place to buy those???
    Or is there any alternative to them maybe better ???
    thank you


    I get mine from ]consoleup, I've used them 4 times now - r4ds is £26 odd posted to you.

    Theres a few fakes about too so watch out, don't buy any with memory bundled in - usually a rip off!

    Go to Amazon.. the R4 is available for less than £14. delivered on marketplace, lots of outlets.

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    some one sayed before that u can get m3 card for like a 10£ or r4 is better ???

    Purchase from dealextreme.

    Forget the R4 it's old news.

    Nothing wrong with the r4,still better than some of the newer carts imo.

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    Purchase from dealextreme.Forget the R4 it's old news.

    thx for that

    Any advice which one is better, which one to go for thank you

    R4 is well tried and tested.. big user base and website. Cheats supported.

    DealExtreme sometime takes weeks to deliver..Amazon in stock delivered in a couple of days... The choice is yours.


    thx for thatAny advice which one is better, which one to go for thank you

    I personally have had the SuperCard one, AceKard2, Edge, and DSTT.
    All purchased from dealextreme

    I would rate them in that order, this is my personal opinion.

    The Cyclo DS has recently appeared on dealextreme, it is supposed to be the best one out there, but in all honesty I don't know how many people use the extra features it has.

    I use the SuperCard one, and have never used the features it has, so wouldn't pay more for extra.
    The only reason I will get one in the future is to have a mess around with it, and sell on the SuperCard to fund it.

    dealextreme take between 5 days and two weeks from the time of ordering.
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