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    Trying to load a few (backup) games on the TT Chip and they keep coming up with error message. Most of the ones with the problem are new games.

    Any suggestions?



    sounds like you need a firmware update, but if you buy original games, they'll work just fine.

    Defo sounds like a firmware update is needed, its really very easy to do if you havent done it before dont be scared

    Original games are ok but sometimes its nice to have them all on one cartridge for portability ctuk.


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    Cheers people trying sa firmware update now! SBP


    what firmware have you got on, im still on 1.4 and havent hit any problems, be careful of updating the 1.6 firmware people are reporting its knackering the dstt

    If the error message is 'can't find save file' then all you have to do is find the .sav of the offending rom on the memory card and rename it exactly as the rom includeing case sensitivity, the .sav part must also be in caps .SAV

    If you have Y's is much easier, just find the rom in the Y's menu then press the 'select' button on DS to change the view to 'SAVES' mode (look in the top right of the screen) highlight the dodgy .sav file and press 'x' to delete it. Now press 'select' again twice to return to game view mode and run the offending rom, Y's will create the .sav correctly and now the game can be played from both DSTT and Y's menu.

    I also agree with the previous poster who suggested to avoid 1.16 firmware, it has only 1 japan rom fix and is under scrutiny for killing fake dstt's recently. 1.15 is fine.

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    Cheers again guys. Just loaded 1.16 (before I read post) but seems to work ok...for now.!
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