nearly $2 for £1- half price shopping?

    saw on the news today a large number of brits are flying to the usa to do their xmas shopping as the the pound is so strong against the dollar.

    thought i would see if i could find any bargains across the pond so started with

    just bought a shaver (remington ms3-2700) which is £99.99 on,

    did a 'buy it now' from a reputable seller (over 5k positive feedback selling shavers) paid via paypal £30 including insurance.

    wont count my chickens and all that until delivery but i think i have myself a bargain

    so the question is; is it time to make the most of the dollar and start hunting for deals across the pond?


    It can be but on most large value items where it would really make sense to do this you will get charged VAT, sometimes duty and if by a courier a ludicrously large "customs handling fee". So at the end of the day it doesn't make much of a difference I've found.

    Like anything it depends on whether you are doing it honestly or not. You could probably pay for a ticket to NY with the savings on a high end laptop but you'd only keep those savings if you didn't declare it when re-entering the UK.

    Also, some merchant pricing in the UK is almost as competitive on various product ranges as US pricing anyway.

    Edit: Was going to say, I was in the US for something else so I picked up some speakers that are £130 here or $112 on So yup there's bargains but in a case like this I carried them back thus saving any postage/handling fees and also below the declaration limit.

    Half price? not on your nelly, more sometimes, less mosttimes, it can vary,
    However it would be nice if someone can recommend a US site that ships to the UK and provides systems in place to pay for customs in advance or similar so goods get straight to your door as it seems to me the UK sales are all waiting for the rush to begin and for the 1st few major retailers to start it.

    Rip off Britain still applies, so if someone knows a good alternative to flying several thousand miles, please post it!

    There are forwarding services schizoboy..I forget the urls off-hand I'll try to remember. Search on some ex-pat forums maybe as those are the kind of people with the most experience with getting stuff out of the US regularly. Again though you'll pay another premium for that service. In the end I think it does work in some cases but often the net amount you'd end up saving isn't worth the hassle to do it often.
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