Found 14th Jun 2008
Today will be the first WHOLE day of no fags.

Not feeling too bad at present.

Actually had last one after lunch yesterday.

Anyone else want to join me (Or recently stopped)?


good luck :thumbsup:

I will join you - i dont smoke but that just makes it easier for me to give up

good luck

Best of luck rizla01.... I done it 7 years ago and it's the best decision I've ever made..


Well Done & Good Luck

hi i found it quite easy to give up after smoking for about 22 years and i will be 3 years without come september i found the worst times were when people new you had given up and tried to offer fags to you and in the pub but as you say you have been a whole day with out one so well done you look at it like a competition you are gonna win take each day as it comes and when you feel an urge do something that takes a lot of concentration i kept telling myself well ive done a day lets just see how far i can get with it i wish you all the luck with it but im sure you wont need it just your will power but dont pressure yourself as that makes the job harder


Good luck, think of all the money you will save and book yourself a fab holiday.


Let us know how you get on. Good luck!

wishing you really good luck - you can do it and you have already done it and will feel so much better and richer

good luck - you can do it if you really want! I stopped 5 months ago using the 24 hour patches and they worked for me, they were expensive to buy but cheaper than buying a packet of ciggies each day. The craving never goes away, it just gets easier to deal with each day, hope you do it xxxx

just a thought why not change your screen name otherwise it will be a constant reminder of what you dont want.just pm admin to change it.maybe you could go for NO SMOKING an alternative lol.good luck

good luck
i gave up 4 years ago,i regret all them years i smoked for
the first day is the hardest,then each day you get through wthout a fag encourages u to go another day without!
i still miss them sometimes when im out drinking but i would never start smoking again its the best thing i ever did

Great decision, good luck.

I gave up a number of years ago and found that eating lots of fresh fruit for a couple of weeks, especially grapes, strawberries, apples and peaches helped to deal with the mouth and finger fidget feelings - it also helps to detox you.

Eating fruit will also help to deal with the munchies as your appetite improves without putting on weight.

Stick with it.

I'll join you on Monday - I'm reading Allan Carrs book and it tells you to smoke till the end - so sticking rigidly to the plan.

gdd luck!

Original Poster

Hey all.

Wow, such a response.

Thanks to all of you for the support and suggestions (And the funnies)

Worst thing is that I used to roll my own (You wouldn't have guessed that now, would you) and was only paying about £3.50 for a pouch which lasted a week, so no (well not much) money in MY pocket, I'm afraid.

Oh, well done and good luck. I have my fingers crossed for you x x

You'll do it bud, even £4 a week will soon mount up.

New Makita for xmas :thumbsup:

yes i rolled my own too,felt like i hadnt smoked when i would have a ciggy


good luck rizla, think maybe a new name after - lol:thumbsup:

Good Luck

You don't need luck'll do it...just check your rep comments!!?!

Good luck, give it your best shot :thumbsup:

good luck

good luck..... ive given up because im pregnant, but i have had a few cheeky fags a day, yesterday was my first day without any at all, put my £4 in my jar by the time the baby come i'll be loaded lol

Original Poster


yes i rolled my own too,felt like i hadnt smoked when i would have a ciggy

Yep. I can vouch for that.
Used to roll one immediately after being given a 'Tailor-made'

Remember being somewhere where there was no baccy so bought a pack of Marlboro. (strongest I could find). left me gasping MORE than if I hadn't had ANY.

Still, History now.
ANYONE else joining me in quitting might find some of these sites useful.

I borrowed them from Jo1972 over at MSE.
(Sure she won't mind):)

Link here -…572

link to FrugalJo's Blogspot: Exhaler - Diary of a Nicotine Addict
link to silk quit…spx
link to quit smoking website
niquitin website
free niquitin twister ]http//fo…895
link to another thread on MSE for quitting smoking ]http//fo…=68
link to info on new drug for quitting smoking…stm
link to on line smoking support group ]http//us…php
link to info in champix drug…asp
link to ASH
link to Max Kirsten's stopping smoking site (watch the smoking vid!) - thanks to TNG for this link]http//ww…=13

Original Poster

So, No-one else giving up then.

So are we a bunch of non-smokers already?
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