Neath nr swansea in wales anyone ?


    I might need to live near to swansea for a job lasting 6 monthes plus .
    I live in London at the moment but just wondering if anyone has any experiences in the areas or lives their currently and what they think of it . Thanks


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    lol thanks for replying ... I think I might have to live near swansea as i think its quite near by .
    I might change the title of the post to swansea instead and see if there are more offeres , but thanks for your responce !

    Swansea has a pretty good night life - there's the Uni and the Met Uni so there's always millions of students - DD's been there for nearly 3 years and loves it - though we do come from a small Welsh seaside town lol ! It's only an hour to Cardiff - by road or train - so there's always somewhere to go / something to do. If you want more details let me know and I'll ask DD - though there are at least a couple of members from Swansea on here so hopefully you'll get more replies from them soon

    Neath itself I don't know - only ever driven through or past it lol but it's very close to Swansea so getting around shouldnt be a problem. The main pain is parking in town - there's plenty of pay & display carparks but freebie parking is typical city centre - non-existent unless you park outside town & walk in ! Mind you you can usually park within a 10 minute or so walk so it's not bad compared to a lot of places. The centre is pretty compact so compared to London it'll no doubt feel tiny - but there's pretty much everything you want within fairly easy reach.

    Let me know if there's any specific questions you want answers to !

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    hurrah - thanks for that reply - its kind of you to take the time out to help me answer this question .
    sorry but what is a DD ?

    I will be working in the main town but it's where to stay is the issue for me - I think I might stay near to swansea or cardiff but which I'm not sure . I'm not a bar / pub person , but i like a massive supermarket , and at least a nandos , shopping centre / mall around ( I know I'm a simple person to please)
    I'll need good internet acess like decent speed broad band / cable / freeview at least ! and get the feeling staying in neath , this wouldn't be the case ( although please correct me if im wrong!)

    I'll be staying by my self and I'm not a native of UK and I look it . Is it a friendly town ? Any problems that way ?

    Lol sorry DD is darling daughter !!

    Swansea has a large Tesco right in the centre, an Asda a little further out, and a huge Tesco on a shopping park on the way out towards the motorway. In town there's all the shops you want - and the largest indoor market in Europe (I think that's right lol but don't quote me !).

    Loads of places to eat - Wind Street in the centre is full of bars and eateries such as Frankie & Benny's, Chiquitos etc etc, as well as a great new Indian down by Singleton Park.

    As far as I know broadband speed is ok, but I dont know if there's cable or any specifics in that area - the Uni has great broadband apparently so I assume there's decent speeds around ?! Not a clue about further out of town though sorry.

    Town is very friendly - I often stay at the travelodge in the centre and I've been known to go for a walk late at night and never had any problems. As I am Welsh but dont have an accent, I did wonder if we'd get any anti-English comments in town, but we've never had a single problem in that respect - probably as they're so used to students from all over ! Many of DD's friends are of different ethnic backgrounds, and they all love the place - there doesnt appear to be any rascism that we've heard of at all.

    I did hear on tv the other night that Wind Street is the most crime hit street in Wales, but I think that's probably more to do with excessive alcohol than anything else, as pretty much the only properties down there are pubs, clubs and restaurants and it's constantly full of students !

    Hope all this is of some help

    It's a beautiful area and if you get out and about you must go visit Mumbles and the Gower peninsular just down the road - amazingly gorgeous bays and coves and fantastic scenery

    Um.. just trying to think of what else may be of use to you.

    There's two Wetherspoons (_;) not sure if that is good or bad lol ?!

    Personally I'd live on the outskirts of Swansea, travel in, then visit Cardiff regularly - but that's my personal preference - put it like this, I'll still visit even when DD has left Uni and moved elsewhere

    There's a big park at Singleton Park, leisure centre by the marina, a lovely long beach - great for walks, the Egyptian centre at the Uni (basically on the edge of Singleton Park), - and best of all you are just down the road from the glorious Brecon Beacons - I love travelling home that way 8). Probably loads more I haven't mentioned but that's what I can think of off the top of my head !

    Swansea will be best for you. It takes me a 10 min drive from Swansea to Neath along the motorway a little. Neath isnt close at all to Cardiff.

    I know i wouldnt like to stay in neath, Too small and quiet for me. It does have a Boots, Wilkinsons, Morrisons, M&S, market etc.

    But Swansea has loads of BIG supermarkets. Also shopping areas like Morfa and Fforest fach to avoid going into the city centre. I live in Swansea and have got used to it. Moved from England over to wales, hubby told me the english have to watch their backs! haha he was just having me on. Its lovely and friendly here.

    In neath ( not sure if you are a park or beach person ) But they have a national park called Gnoll park. Lovely lake for a run round. Near Neath there is a beach with mini fair in a place called Porthcawl.

    Also just along the motorway is bridgend which just off the junction is a shopping outlet ( Mc ArtherGlen. )

    Going the other way down past Llanelli has a national park called Pembrey park. It is fab, Has dry slope skiing. Massive lovely beach, Place to eat, BBQ areas, horse riding, loads of other things.

    Obviously the last few things could be completly not you, but just thought it was worth mentioning incase you got bored one day.

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    again thanks both of you for your replies and decoding dd for me ... it sounds not as bad / desolate as I thought - you think swansea is the place to go for me as it's closer and more citfied lol.
    Swansea sounds like it has what i'm after anyways ...

    many thanks once more to the both of you
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    Oh also I lose my radio signal when driving near neath, but once in the town it comes back. Strange lol.

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    lol thanks for that - as long as it comes back in town , its ok !
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