NEC Motorcyle Show 27th Nov - 6th Dec codes?

    Does any1 have any promo codes or special offer links for tickets? Much appreciated and rep left if you can point me in the right direction. I've checked here and moneysavingexpert forums to no avail so far

    Thanks in advance :-)

    linkage -


    Would be interested if anyone knows how to get cheaper tickets also - just in case you did not know :-
    [FONT=Calibri]ADULT (PROMOTION) £17.00
    Pr[FONT=Calibri]ice includes entry to the Show and a Pack of 3 Oxford Comfys (RRP £13.99) collected at the Show[/FONT][/FONT]

    children are free

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    Those comfy things, I did the offer last year, although I think it was a different brand - I still wear mine but it was just the one. Doubt I'd do it again though as I went on the last day and you can get some cheap stuff. But I am thinking about a weekday this time just so its quieter.

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    bump - I'm still looking for a deal and I've had no luck getting a fake ID to become a child kinda-like snowtiger suggested ;-)

    I will pay full price though because still gonna go if they are no deals.
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