I'm looking to buy a necklace for my best friend. She's very timid and prefers smaller and dainty things rather than WAG in your face chavvy stuff. I have narrowed it down to a number of choices including:…924…908…900…932…072
    I will give rep to anyone who backs up their opinion on what on they prefer or which is more suitable, thanks


    I think this one is the prettist…900

    I have actually seen this one and it is quite daint and pretty looking, I myself don't like big things and this is just the thing. The butterfly one and the mothy looking one ( coloured one ) I think would be a big bigger than you would think and maybe not the most daintiest thing :-D

    Although it was a lot of hassle copying all the website pages in, maybe you could try and make them links so its easier for people to see and you might get more feedback :thumbsup:

    Might be a bit more helpful :thumbsup:

    Original Poster


    Might be a bit more helpful :thumbsup:

    Thanks, rep added. By the way, I accidently clicked on the Spam button, lol, du no how to unspam it, lol

    Didnt you post this yesterday?

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    No i didn't that was different. Today, I want to find out which one is better (I have narrowed it down)
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