nectar Tool Bar - How are the Points transfered to my account?

    The nectar toolbar has now been available for a few days and for every 2 searches you do, you gain 1 nectar point but i am curious as to when the point are actually transfered to your nectar account. Anyone know a little more than me?


    Up to 28 days after the end of the month

    I have had 2 lots of 50 points (maximum you can earn each month) awarded no problem

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    Thank you very much. Rep added!

    any chance of a link to this bar please ?


    any chance of a link to this bar please ?…H01 - hope that helps

    Thanks. Got it running now.



    Thanks. Got it running now.

    I am running it also.

    Anything for a few extra points X)

    cool, never even heard of this , gonna give it a go now , every point helps

    Yeh but the problem is, you have to be very careful to make sure you're actually collecting nectar points when shopping, even when using the toolbar, as you still have to go via the Nectar site to shop at Amazon, eBay etc..

    So what's the point of the toolbar?

    I did have the toolbar on Firefox but had to remove the browser, I must install Firefox again instead browsing with Safari as I don't think the toolbar compatible with all browsers, forgot about it till mentioned here.

    Not impressed with the Nectar toolbar. Downloaded it onto IE9, where it proceeded to drop down a red bar which covered log-in boxes I needed for other sites, until I realised I could shut it via an X in the corner; and then crashed IE9 so I had to reboot three times. I unistalled the toolbar, and tried downloading it on Google Chrome..........three times. Each time my Norton protection deemed it "unsafe", and removed the download link automatically. So I can't use it on Chrome. Given a comment above says one still has to go via the Nectar site to obtain points, I just can't see the point of so much hassle for 50 points (25p) a month. Shan't bother.
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