need 2 laptops for my children is this any good…tml

    could someone let me knwo if this is any good if not maybe send me to one around £300/£330 that would be a better one to get

    thank you



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    sorry i was in a bit of a rush and i forgot to say please so please couls someone help me out thank you

    for the price is not bad....
    but i normally go for laptops or pc with a well known brand

    If it's for your kids, you'd probably need a better graphics card(because most of the kids like to play games, and games require good graphic cards), and I've just recently bought this fabulous notebook from ALDI's, it's the same brand, but it has some better specifications and it has a 3 year warranty also. Here's the link:…htm
    Though, it costs 350£, but it's really worth it and I don't regret buying it.

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    hi thanks for the advice there only dd 13 and ds 8 so not very big gamers my ds spends the 2 hours he gets on the family laptop on club penguin and my dd is fb and msn mad and they both use the internet for there home work that seems to be happening more and more so we have saved for a year to do this and would like to keep them under £330

    so anyone with advice on a cheaper one please

    i got a sony netbook £220 delivered
    listed on here for sale
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