Need 6 pine doors @ diy total price is £180, so i am going to sand down my white doors, all help/advice needed, Thanks !!

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Found 16th Aug 2008
Any help tips and advice will be great thanks.

I guess there are 3 options

(1) use an electric sander (but which one) and of course extra sanding sheets will be needed.

(2) use a blow torch, not really what I want to do.

(3) paint them straight away but of course it wont be pine it will then be a dark wood colour.

thanks again


in b&q the cheapest are £22.99 but if u buy 5 they go down to £20 something

also take someone over 60 and get another 10% off


dont know how much they are to get dipped, are they solid wood doors?

If the doors you've got are hardwood, get them dipped like sassie said.

A heatgun and a random orbital sander if ya doing it yourself, but it will take ages.



solid yes but it feels more like softwood than hardwood if that makes … solid yes but it feels more like softwood than hardwood if that makes sense.what do you mean "dipped" is that in acid or varnish?sorry i am new to this.

they dip then in some kind of paint remover to remove all paint, but they need to be solid wood, othersie it would just blow them, most people use this to restore old, solid doors, as its quite expensive i think, compared to the price of new doors now

Dipped in caustic soda

use a hot air gun that you can hire from someone like speedy hire,it's not to difficult and is a lot safer and cheaper than other methods, just take your time and if possible practice on something else first!:thumbsup:

Buy'll never get a good enough finish trying to take the paint off and re-finishing with varnish. Believe me I've tried.
If you use paint remover and/or sander you'll leave little spots of paint which look terrible when you've varnished them. If you use a hot air gun, you'll scorch the wood which again looks a mess when varnished.
The cheap B&Q doors will look better if you sand them down to a smooth finish prior to varnishing.

dipping is approx £30 a door these days-son has just got prices. If the doors are old they are likely better quality and worth dipping-then just sand lightly and seal and wax. Put a pic on if you are unsure of age?

as mentioned above, if you're gonna varnish the doors, don't get the blow torch on there as it'll scorch it.
best thing to do is get a dual action sander on them and use good quality 80 grit discs. with a quality sander it doesn't take time at all.
or you could use a belt sander but i wouldn't recommend this unless you have experience with the tool

so what have u decided?

buy new or have a go at stripping?

I had 10 brand new doors from a man on ebay. He can get odd sizes too and only charged £15 per door and £30 total delivery so £180 all in. If you are interested pm me for his email address I am sure he will be able to help you

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