Need a 15 inch Laptop with decent specification, up to £300

    I'm looking for a cheap laptop for my mum. She just wants to learn basic things on computers (start to learn) like internet, microsoft office etc. so it doesn't need to have 2MB of RAM's or a 120 GB hard drive. The price I'm looking for is about £300. Something like 80GB hard drive, 15inch screen and 1GB RAM should be allright Personally I would prefer Dell. But I was looking at their website today, hoping they'll have some Bank Holiday offers but they don't, really ...

    Could you help me to find one, please ??

    Thanks a lot !


    i got the dell vostro 1000-i know there have been a few posted and i think free delivery too. My son said it was the best spec I could get for the price £320-i could have chosen slightly lower spec in your budget., as i added an 8cell battery too..the site is good and you can play with adding and taking away parts-i got a mouse too but only used it a couple of times as the pad thing is easy to use. I am 4* years old. I am told the vostro isnt eyecandy but my friend has a toshiba and says mine is much higher spec and stronger feeling. It was ready to use straight from the box-all the programmes i needed installed-I am sure she will love it.

    Can add to louloo's comments - bought the vostro 1000 deal for my parents (who are into surfing in a big way - silver surfing that is!) as they always had to sit upstairs to use the PC.

    Great little machine - Vista Home Prem and installed OpenOffice for them which my dad says is easy enough for him if he can throw my mother off long enough.

    Look for the deals on Dells site - make up your order - then phone them and haggle a bit. They sometimes also let slip deals coming up.

    Finally, try through the small business route - just use your name in the company name and if they call, say your contracting. They arent calling to catch you out but just to check that Vista Home is ok for your business use (as it cant be joined to a domain out the box).
    Reason for suggesting business is that deals often include next business day onsite as basic cover (as opposed to home use which is return to base) and for virtually no difference in cost.

    Good luck

    Original Poster

    Yeah, but Vostro 1000 for this price comes with AMD® Sempron processor ... Is is not any worse than the new Intel ones ? I've never used AMD processor before, so I would prefer to find something with Intel

    oh and it is brilliant and easy to set up on wifi..just hope it is as simple on hols! and vista is great too no problems..

    says amd turion 64x2 dont know what it means but i guess you will?
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