Need a 22" TV/Monitor with HDMI input also need an HDMI wire for ps3

    Ok ive just ordered a ps3 and want a good sized monitor with 720p and 1080i hdmi thing to watch blu ray dvd's and play the games in 720p.

    Do the films look better in 720p and 1080i (sposedly ps3 fixed something so the list goes as :1080p 1080i 720p )

    So i was thinking about buying:…tml

    Im on a tight budget having spent alot on ps3 and sum games, i want a great picture to play them on!

    Can any1 point me in the right direction?


    with a 1680/1050 monitor you will either be upscaling from 1280/720p or downscaling from 1920/1080i (Scaling makes picture stretched, so it's not ideal). Prob worth getting a new samsung monitor with 1:1 pixel mapping (it doesn't stretch screen (though you will have black edges at the side the picture will be done at a native resolution so will look better)

    This monitor supports 1:1 mapping, though isn't a tv…tml

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    Ah, i dont really need it as a tv but i assume i need a monitor with hdmi to play the ps3 on? If not what will i need ?

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    Oh and how will i get sound from this monitor? Doesnt look like it has any sound input/headphone thing.

    So to rephrase what i need, Monitor with best picture for ps3 , cheap, sound output/headphone and hdmi.

    All i have is ps3( on its way)

    So if sum1 can recommend everything i need to get this ps3 looking good it would be very much appreciated.

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