need a active car subwoofer as cheap as possible

Found 20th Dec 2008
Hey everyone, i got my first car yesterday, and im looking for an active subwoofer, so that i dont have to buy an amplifier as well.

since its my first car and i dont plan on keeping it long, im not looking for anything too amazing, i want to spend as little as possible, so the cheaper the better

thanks very much in advance



you still looking for an active sub?? im looking to sell mine as i need to get a new car ive had it about 8 months its one of those fli active subs never had any problems with it works everytime i get in the car you intrested?

Original Poster

erm not sure if i want a used one..its gonna mean il have to get alot of the wiring myself, can you give me some info on its specs ? il have a think

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