Need a battery for laptop but so expensive any good sites?

    Our old laptop a dell inspiron 1510 now permanently need to be connected to mains. On the website dell want to charge me £109 pounds. I just cant see the point in paying this. I also want to upgrade the RAM and would end up paying about £150 in total.
    Are there any sites that do battteries for my dell that arent actually dell so cost less.
    At this stage it seems i may as well just buy a new laptop.
    Whilst i am already looking at deals on new ones it would have been nice to keep this old dell running so one of the kids could have it.
    Thanks for any advice.


    I bought a new replacement battery of eBay not that long ago for about £40. For laptop memory, I'm sure I saw a few deals floating round about, you might want to check that out.

    Here you go:

    Dell batteries:…t=0

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    Thanks guys repped you both.

    slightly cheaper at dealextreme, same battery for a dell 6400 it seems.

    you can get them on ebay for under £20, new non original batteries and Dell branded used.

    Think I'd go with bob's suggestions 1 year warranty, wouldn't fancy that with dx or ebay.

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    Thanks one of those takes paypal as well which i prefer when i dont know a company.
    Thanks to you all for your help. Kids might get my old laptop after all.
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