need a bit of help concerning PAYG

    Hi everyone,

    i have recently got a payg k750i from lxdirect, however the order didn't process and i must have ordered the wrong network the second time (although i'm fairly sure i didn't... website says i got the o2 one).

    anyway, i am on orange, liking their service and their magic number idea, so i don't want to switch to o2. so i want to discuss what option is available and best.

    i could unlock it, only takes a bit of money and a local shop i guess?

    but i want to look at other options as well such as porting a number. is that possible between o2 and orange? (i know that on contracts you have to port as soon as you purchase the phone, don't know about payg).

    could someone also tell me what good bonuses o2 offer? such as the top up £10 get 300 texts? i have an old o2 sim card i used to use about 2 years ago perhaps it might still work and i might get a good old customer offer?

    anyway let me know what i can do about this, both providers have advantages for me, orange: i have magic numbers + the free texts thing
    o2 : my gf is on this so cheaper rates, and they have a good network for my area.

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    also how do i find out what number they gave me?
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