Need a bit of help, Games consoles people write here :D

Basically, i've got motorstorm, had it for over a year, it has no scrathces or ought, and when i put it in it just loads up and comes to nothing? what can i do? can it be rebooted or something or is my disk just broke, or could i buy a new copy then replace disk and say its faulty and get my money back? bit cheeky, but, lol.


umm your asking for people to recommend you be dishonest??? :? :thinking:

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no, im referring to the problem first, thats my option if i cant fix it lol !


your in the wrong forum, how about you take it to them disk repair places

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o yh!!! good idea! is this not feedback then? and they do it for a fiver dont they cheers sassie, rep added.

i had this problem a while back and it was after some update had to be downloaded, i just went to the saved games area on the xmb and deleted the update and it loaded fine after that. hope that helps :thumbsup:

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o ryt cheers pal, rep for helping


feedback is for hukd issues you doughnut

moved to misc.

try it on a friends console first to see if it is an update or an issue with the game disc, if it still doesnt work on a mates PS3 then the disc is possibly no longer working, although not sure how if you say you have looked after it, as also mentioned it could be an update problem.

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