Need a break from online shopping?

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Found 28th Nov 2006
So... buying things everyday... constantly searching this website for hot deals that have been posted, it gets addictive

Couriers turning up every morning, some at bleeding 6.50am! Boxes everywhere, so much stuff i've bought

The Internet's like one big shop with everything you want, new things every day, new deals constantly

Pure Consumerism


Isn't it brill :-D

I know someone else just like this :giggle:

I think I only venture down the highstreet (during retail hours) once a week now even though the city centre is literally on my doorstep. Even when I do I inevitably wander the likes of HMV/Musiczone/Gamestation etc with an air of curiosity as to why everything seems so expensive and why crowds of shoppers irritate me.

[SIZE=2]Aside from food shopping, which I'll always prefer to do instore rather than online, I find it quite hard to justify buying anything in a shop anymore. The other night we went to Borders, and every book I picked up I'd look at the price and then think "But it'll be cheaper online." I made notes on my phone about what I wanted, then looked it all up when I got home, and sure enough everything was significantly cheaper. [/SIZE]

[SIZE=2]Even when we did go into Borders, I thought "Damn! There was a voucher to print out on HotDeals, should have brought it with me!" :giggle: [/SIZE]

Yep I'm hooked on internet shopping....getting to the stage where I'm buying stuff I don't realy need justbecause it's a bargain...must put the brakes on as my house is already a clutter and with all the new stuff I must apply discipline and have a complete many times have I said that?

It's so easy to get a lot done by having the internet. Shopping for groceries has definitely become a great necessity to me :-D

Everything else is a big bonus and finding things you need for much less than you would have to pay on the High Street, love it ;-) I wonder how long it will take for it to become the same online though :thinking: At some point I expect prices will be more closely matched. I hope I'm wrong about that though

I'm disabled and being able to use the Internet has made shopping so much easier. The effort to get out and find a parking space near to the shops is becoming harder and very exhausting.

Locally we have many shops situated in listed buildings, so, understandably, providing wheelchair access is prohibitive. Shopping centres are ideal for me and one of my favourite places to shop is the Trafford Centre in Manchester, where there is a cinema and restaurants too. We visit there once a year and the trip has become like a holiday.

Most shops spend so much on staff wages, displays and refurbishment, they are bound to be more expensive than the Internet stores but some types of shopping is best done in retail shops. It would be a pity if all shopping had to be done online. What would there be left in the high streets?

If prices are close enough I'll still buy in the shops. I don't like having to wait for things to be delivered. Shops will always exist because not everyone can wait or be organised enough to wait a couple of days...

I think the new reserve and collect systems are excellent ideas where you can reserve at the online price and then go and collect from the store. I expect shops will evolve into warehouse type facilities like Argos!

Price comparison sites definitely can save you some leg work though of finding the best price.

Reserve and collect is indeed excellent. My O/H has just gone to collect 2 books from WHS amd I wouldn't have been aware of the % price saving if I hadn't looked online first. I shudder when I think how long it would have taken to search all the local book shops by wheelchair.

Also our WHS book department is on the upper floor of a listed building and there isn't a lift. Before H&S and insurance regulations were applied, I used to be able to use the goods lift.
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