Need a Camcorder which takes MiniDV tapes and also has a memory card slot for still pictures..

Found 19th Feb 2009
Ok, getting desperate now- and need the camcorder by Saturday (arrgh!) Would like it to be a Sony with a 20-40x zoom which records onto miniDV (Deffo dont want dvd or other media types etc) but it also needs a memory card slot so one can take a 'still' picture with the camera too..(I have the TRV33E, so want sommat similar)

Camcorder Specs- (I dont ask for much..really..)
1. Records onto Mini Dv Tapes
2. Had a memory card slot for still pics (memory duo or sommat)
3. is a Sony (pref- but open to others - good makes only!)

It's for a prezzie- would like to pay no more than £200 (maybe upto £230ish at the most) but I can't seem to find one- the Sony site tells me only two cameras take the miniDV neither of which take still shots- There are these types on the market (prob previous models, which is why they dont show up on Sony website) anyway, and help or links provided would be soooo appreciated.

Checked out Play.com and Amazon and Littlewoods etc but to no avail

Rep awaits. Has to be new (need the warranty etc as its gonna be a prezzie for 'new' parents)
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dont look at sony stores...try outlets.
well.. looked at amazon and play..

deciding between the DCR HC32E and the DCR HC47E both have 25x zoom but i 'think' the 62e is widescreen lcd..but other than that, not sure how else they differ..

Play do the 62e for £200 (cheapest I can find..)
Amazon has a supplier who do the 47e for £160 delivered (refurb- which i dont really want it to be)

anyone know if play do next day delivery??
dont forget discounts with play.com

dont forget discounts with play.com

ey?! which discounts? have you got any links? couldnt find any online.. (i will go thru nectar- dont have quidco :(....)
thanks, repped
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