Need a cheap Cisco recert ? Pearson Vue 643-832 TSHOOT exam only £32.50 !

    If anyone fancies doing a new Cisco exam for cheap - either to get qualified or to recert existing CCNA or other qualification held for another 3 years, the new TSHOOT CCNP exam is currently only £32.50 inc VAT all year on Pearson Vue:

    643-832 Troubleshooting and Maintaining Cisco IP Networks

    £28 EXC VAT

    Apparently the study material is out on book in April, I have booked this for October so at least I can read the book and possibly view the training videos by then.

    It also counts as 1/3 of the CCNP qualification if you have or take the exisiting BSCI and BCMSN by July 31st. Or take the other new 643 exams ROUTE and SWITCH…tml

    This is a great price considering Cisco exams are usually over £100 a go and if you pass its valid for 3 years and also adds 3 years onto exisiting CCNA 642 qualifications etc

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    Looks like a decent tip, I'll look into it.
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