Need a cheap holiday ???

    Hi Everyone,

    I hope you are all well.
    3 of the lads are thinking of going away for a week on 26th September 2016.

    Any cheap deals available to either Morocco, Spain, Portugal.
    Are their any companies that we can just book a day before or any sites where they do last minute deals/cancellations.

    Thanks again


    Have you tried the holiday pirates site?

    Original Poster

    No I haven't, just checked usual ryanair, easyjet.

    Wanted a cheap last minute deal but If we have to pay then no choice.
    Need some SUN !

    So you want to book a holiday last minute? Now there's an idea for a website...

    Incidentally, you say 'three lads' - I would knock Morocco off of your list, whilst it's a fantastic country it's probably not really somewhere you'd look to go for a 'lads holiday' assuming that's what you are after?

    First thing i'd do is get on skyscanner, set your departure airport and date/times, but leave destination blank. See what destinations comes up cheap. Then jump over to something like travel republic site and use that destination to put your break together.

    Still worth checking the major travel companies for deals too; thomsons, first choice etc.

    Thomson usually have some good deals knocking around closer to the time. (Which surprised me when I booked with them as I usually diy my holidays)


    December £50 return to barcelona

    Book flights and accommodation separately.
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