Need A Cheap Web Host

    I know that there are a few free ones scattered around, but they tend to be rather poor. I would like decent performance for a small website (potentially ~20 simultaneous users), and at least 2 mySQL databases. Any ideas?

    The cheaper the better, but I will leave my budget open.




    United hosting

    I'm using zymic..
    Full FTP

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    Zymic initially seems to be fairly capable for a free host.

    What I may do is use that as a temporary solution with the view to get a better host later on.


    It looks like I already had an account on there. Jesus christ that account must have been old.
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    Any more suggestions? Im interested too

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    Any more suggestions? Im interested too

    Well I can give you a pretty big update on this.

    Zymic is a good free host, perfect if you just want to play about and have a website for a few friends, but if you need anything more, I found their servers to be far to slow for my liking.

    I ended up going for Site5, as recommended to me from someone on another forum. They are an american company that have recently brought some servers in london, hosting can be about £40 per year (Only if you pay for 2 years of hosting though), and seems to load pretty fast. I will be able to tell you more once I have something set up, which I should be doing tomorrow and tuesday.

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    but at zymic you'll get subdomain...are there any cheap/free domains around where you can use your own domain fully?

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    You can use a domain at zymic (and many free hosts). You buy a domain from a seperate registrator and point the nameservers to the zymic nameservers.

    It sounds complicated, but it isn't.

    To my knowledge there is no way to freely register a domain. but about £3-4 a year isn't that expensive.

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    Try 2 Big Gigs (
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