Need a CV urgently!!!

    as the title says i need someone to help me build a professional CV so i can dash then out and get a decent job!

    A quick template would be superb. (type here if you can or MS word etc plz)

    Rep given to all who help


    Ive done a cv myself if you want to look at it to get the jist of how to make one just pm me your email

    The one that I've been using all these years was a template taken from Microsoft Office Word 2000 I think. It has all the important fields such as a short paragraph about yourself, previous employment, qualifications, hobbies and other useful facts (DOB, driving license, non-smoker etc.) has lots of useful tips about how to form a CV as well. Easy to read and presentable, absolutely no longer than 2 sides.

    Most important tip:

    However you lay out the CV, may it pertinent to the job you're applying for! Don't just run out 50 copies & mail them off to 50 companies (unless they're all in the same line of business). The CV is your 'key' to getting an interview for a specific job, so make the CV specific.

    Well im trying now to get offshore, i run at least 80 cv's out every month lol

    Dont evern speak to me a bout the price of stamps i have to purchase, with the amount of money oil companys make it should be freepost lol

    What i did was put a profile of yourself at the front, explain it in if someone was speaking about you !

    then the next page you will have your address, contact details etc, then have what schools you have been to, colleges grades etc

    then start writing down where you have worked, you dont need to write everyone, just enough to fill 1 half pages, the last half is about yourself, interests. hobbies etc.

    dont write too much about your job etc as you want something to speak about in the interview, you could always have a photo of yourself on the fron of the Cv just to make it more pro like.

    At the end of the day its what you want to put in it and in what way you want to come across to the employer..

    good luck!

    Oh at the end dont put all your references, just write "References on request" make it look more neat and gives you more room to play with on the page!


    Well im trying now to get offshore

    Interpol will find you :thumbsup:
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