Need a decent laptop (£450)


So the girlfriend is getting a laptop, she's not into gaming or anything like that, but I am and I plan to use the laptop to play games every now and then.

Can anyone suggest a good spec laptop under £450?



Probably cheaper for your girlfriend to buy a fair-spec laptop for herself and bung you a couple of quid towards you buying yourself a console.

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I already have a gaming PC. Just wanted something mobile.

There is quite a big range of weight and size. Go with her into Currys/PCWorld or somewhere else that has a decent selection and narrow down the choice by comparing the options in your price range. Then think about what it willb e used for.

There's a big difference between a 15" screen beast that weighs around 3kg and a budget chromebook that weighs half that. If it's going to be used for work/study or anything else with much typing, a decent keyboard is important - small form tends to mean cramped keyboards. If having something light is priority, consider a tablet.

When you've narrowed down your requirements, ask again and it will be easier for folks here to guide you towards something that will keep you (and gf) happy.

You're welcome, ZemphY for the advice

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Not fussed about weight or size or keyboard. I'm simply after the best spec I can get for the price.

You're not fussed about weight etc. But she may be.
If she's paying, she should get to choose.

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You're not fussed about weight etc. But she may be.If she's paying, she … You're not fussed about weight etc. But she may be.If she's paying, she should get to choose.

Oh right, thanks for all the advice. So helpful. 10/10. 5*.
What would I do without you. So kind. So gentle.
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