Need a divx player. Recommendations please.

    Long story short, i've gone from a studio flat to a small maisonette. The big difference is being I now have a living room and a bedroom.

    I've previously watched divx files copied to a portable hard drive plugged into my PS3. As i've another room and another tv (donated to me) I wouldn't mind another facility to watch my divx files.

    Obviously another ps3 would be ideal but i don't have the funds to do so.

    I'm just really looking for the cheapest way to play divx files from a usb portable harddrive. Someone mentioned to me about getting an original xbox and modding it? Would that be realistic or are there cheaper, easier (and smaller) ways of doing it?



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    Hdmi, usb, sd. Ticks all the boxes. Rep added thanks. Does anyone have one and can give any thoughts on it please?
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