Found 20th May 2008
Hi Guys.

I am about to buy an internal DVD writer for my one year old Dimension (SATA, I think) and have no idea which to choose. (It never had one - CD WRITER only).

I don't even know where to find reviews on these products.

Can any of you point me in the right direction, please?

Is their one that you would recommend or beware of?

I expect to pay £15-20.00. Is there any purpose in spending more?



if it's only one year old, i would have expected it to have a dvd writer!

are you sure it's not a dvd writer? - they also write cds!

Depends on how much more you want to spend. DVD drives are cheap and, for the main part, they all are roughly equal. The standard Liteon / Pioneer / LG / whatever 20x or 16x writer will do fine. Me though, I'd be tempted to spend a little more than the £20 of your budget, and buy an external drive. If you've got a desktop PC that lives on your desk then there's probably no point, but if you otherwise have to bend down to swap a disc over, you might find the extra tenner worth spending.

Regarding the SATA deely, easiest way to find out what your drive is is by popping the case open and having a look inside. If the optical drive has a data connector that measures about 4cm across, that's IDE, if it's about 1cm, that's SATA. Check the size of the drive, too. Some Dimension systems use thinline drives that are about a centimeter high, while others use standard drives, which are about an inch or so tall. Both are available fairly cheaply off [url][/url] anyway.
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