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Found 13th Mar 2008
i need to sign up for but i need a non public domain email address? how or where do i get 1 of these from?


Normally your ISP provides you with the ability to create a number of email addresses through their server. Go to the website of whomever you get your internet connection from and follow the links to email.

Try [url][/url], through the email is only kept for 24hrs I think. You just invent an address (******* and it arrives thereto pick up. Give it a go to see what I mean.

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o ok, i dunno it, i always use hotmail but that site does not allow them. any other ideas?

you must know who your isp is, who are you paying every month to get online

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yeah i no who it is, its sky, but i dunno the email address they gave me

if you are doing opensigning any email address will do, if you think you can register and get a dev cert, thats not possible anymore

Use your work email?

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not got 1, can i use 1 of urs? only need activation code?

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can no one help me? im trying to do this with my n95…BhE

rotateme uses the wrong kind of uid (its not open) so unless you already have your dev cert you cannot yet sign this file

I really hope $ky haven't sent you any important notices. They'd expect you to use the email account you've been paying for!

This may be useful:…tml

Check in the information $ky sent you when you signed up - you should have some info about the address they started you off with. (You DID file the info, didn't you?)

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all i need is the activation code then i can downloda the certificate , i already have rotateme ready

oh man, read my posts.

if you dont already have your dev cert (from symbian signed) you CANNOT get one as they have stopped issuing them. they have changed the whole process goto….do
and read. just because you have the rotatme app doesn't mean anything, it is unsigned and not available to be open signed because it has the wrong UID

Sean download this…sis then goto….do and upload it entering the details requested (imei, email) capability select all. then check email, click link, 5 minutes later check email again there should be a download link for the signed file.
btw landscapepro2 does the same as rotateme

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ok cheers ill give it ago now!

sorted it now???

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cheers m8, it works a treat!

[COLOR="Red"]not got 1, can i use 1 of urs[/COLOR]

Of course, do you want to borrow my credit card as well
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