Need a fondue set - URGENT - in store to collect

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Found 26th Jan 2007

We are having a fondue party tomorrow - yummy. But we need another fondue set. we have two already but need a third. I need to be able to go and buy one in a store tomorrow. I remember looking a while ago but i couldnt find one in a shop!There are loads on-line, but none in shops!

Does anyone know where i may find one? Cheaper the better but not too important. Please help



Au Natural have them, I'm not to sure on the price as I wasn't looking for one when I saw them but I don't think it will be much as the store is usually pretty cheap.

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Thanks for the quick reply, but i dont think we have a au natural store down here. Im in bournemouth. I would need a major chain store, or if anyone knows a little shop down here, please let me know.

hmm I know they have bout 100 stores nation wide, and are usually on retail parks, if you check your phone book, unfortunatley their website is down.

How about John Lewis? they have them but will probably be slightly more expensive

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Thanks again, but thats just for chocolate. we have one of those. We need one for meat/cheese!

got one in store in the boots sale with choc etc think it was £3.75

sorry just read pre dont know if it would work for that !!!

unfortunatley thats as far as my usefulness stretches. Maybe you could ring asds,tesco etc sounds like their kind of item. Good luck
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