Need a funny new show or two

    I'm after a show that is an easy watch. Don't want anything hard on the brain or something I have to watch every little detail to get the over all plot.

    Currently enjoying the US show "Community". Nice and light on the intensity with a few good laughs thrown in. Would like a show similar to this.
    Not necessarily something taking place in a college but something nice, laid back and something I can veg out to and just let myself be ill. American show if possible as they just seem better compared to most english stuff I've seen. Must be all the self righteousness they have over that side of the pond.

    I've seen all the big hitters - Lost, 24, Shield, Battlestar, Wire, don't particularly want another intense series.


    funniest series still going i would say is modern family

    Chuck? dropdeaddiva?

    sorry i missed the funny!!!!!!!!!!!!
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    oh yep modern family we love! theyre so short tho
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    Raising Hope, for me, is the funniest at the moment. It reminds me of My Name Is Earl, but funnier.

    black books
    kings of queens
    two and a half men

    Freaks and Geeks is just what your after, have a read up on it, top show, reminds me a bit of the Wonder Years...

    The middle on sky 1 every sunday at 6.30pm very funny

    Original Poster

    Thanks for the ideas. Watched a few trailers on youtube. Think I will keep an eye out in blockbuster for modern family,raising hope and Freaks and Geeks. Divas seems a little meh and more suited to the females.

    Already watching chuck but it just seems (and fails) at dead pan comedy and relys to much on guest actors making it seem like a gimmick show at times.

    Seen black books,queens and cant stand two and a half men. inbetweeners like shameless feels like its for the current generation of teenagers and not me (26).

    How I met your mother (best thing to just chill out and watch that I have seen in a Long time!)


    Yeah, Modern Family and How I Met Your Mother - both awesome!

    Outsourced, just keeps getting better. Also agree with the suggestion of raising hope

    As well as the ones already mentioned you could try:

    The Big Bang Theory
    The Office - An American Workplace - personally think it is much funnier than the UK version but not everyones cup of tea.
    Scrubs - A bit obvious to mention but just in case.
    That '70's Show - Again, you have probably seen.
    Cougar Town
    Rules of Engagement

    We all seem to be mentioning 'Comedy' shows but plenty light hearted drama series also available- have a look at and click the 'TV Shows' button and you will find most of the popular TV series' (primarily American) which might give you more ideas.

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    Again, thanks for the ideas. So far every suggestion (bar a few I've seen) is on my list to look out for in blockies or cheap dvd box set.
    Don't have TV (or licence) as I was only watching a show or two a day. Just did'nt seem value for money considering the licence cost. So I just stick to renting and occasionally buying box sets.

    I do generally watch any sort or TV (no girls stuff or reality garbage for me).
    Just ATM I feel rubbish due to bad case of the man flu and general mood. So I decided the cure was some things to watch that were going to give me a laugh but not make me feel bad for not watching every intricate moment.

    Try Arrested Development, Curb your Enthusiasm or The American Office

    Curb gets my vote too


    Try Arrested Development, Curb your Enthusiasm or The American Office

    Weeds is the best , and no you don't have to be a stoner to watch it.

    inbetweeners, and i'm 33..........u will be falling of the couch.
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    Weeds is the best , and no you don't have to be a stoner to watch it.

    is it funny? compare to inbetweeners


    is it funny? compare to inbetweeners

    The inbetweeners is schoolboy funny with the odd universally funny bit, where weeds is an adult show used to be shown on sky 1 but have had to resort to the internet for the last couple of series.

    Trailer park boys and Eastbound & Down
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