Need a good digital camera for really close up shots under £100..any suggestions?

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Found 11th Feb 2009
Need a camera that does really vivid close up shots of jewellery. My fuji camera goes blurry within 12 inches at least. Rubbish. Any advise without breaking the bank.?? Thanx.



this s a decent one reckon guy would let it go for £40 as had no offers on it was tempted myself because of price but i have a few cameras already

Don't you just go into macro (not the shop:) to take closeup shots. Your camera ought to have this if it is digital.

i got a kodak v610 if interested

As mentioned by Predikuesi, your camera may well have a macro mode, what model of Fuji is it? Also with some digital cameras, even in the macro mode, you sometimes have to zoom in a little to what's called the "Sweet Spot" which allows the camera to focus in much closer. If you tell us what model it is then maybe someone can help you out with that info. :thumbsup:

Maybe im talking poo but generally the bigger the lens sizes the better 'close up' shots it will be. etter alternative is go into Jessops (or whtever photography shops near u) and ask. HTH

Fujifilm S5700 (if there are any left, there are in my local store) for £66.66 at Sainsburys has a super macro mode that focuses from 1cm to 1m.

The later S5800 also in Sainsburys for £99.99 has the same facility.

These are very versatile cameras.

as mentioned, check for the macro facility.

I have a Fuji S8000 which is great. If you try to take an up close shot it WILL go blurry unless you put it in macro mode.


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Hi, thanks for all your comments. I have a fuji Finepix A600--6.3mpixels 3 optical zoom and macro. However even with the macro on, I find it very difficult to get any clear shots. Sometimes I think they are clearish until I upload them and then they look rubbish.

The specs say it should be fine to focus in macro mode down to about 10cm, it might be an idea to get a mini-tripod (you can get them for £2-3 on lots of sites like DealExtreme/ Ebay, etc.) to steady the camera . Also try to have lots of light around the subject so that the shutter doesn't stay open too long as that will cause blurry images.

If you want vivid colours then good lighting will help a lot and also if there is a 'Vivid colour' setting in the camera menu.

If it's something you're going to do a lot then you could maybe look at building a lightbox, maybe you could ask Sancho1983 for help in doing that:


Or try this site:

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