I need a good digital camera, pref 10+ megapixels
    can anyone help?
    Ino your probly laugh but im only looking to spend around £40
    thankyou, help appreciated.


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    Okay may get that thanks, does anyone no any codes for tesco, ? xxxxx

    Don't worry about megapixels, you'll not notice any difference.

    Probably your best bet is the Nikon P50 which is available in some ASDA stores for £45. 8.1 MP, 3.6x zoom, decent brand.

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    OOhhh thankyou, do you have a voucher code? and does anyone no the actuall difference with megapixels i no the pictures are bigger is that it? what makes the pictures clearer is that the megapixels?

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    Take a look at this i just found, can anyone help, is this a good camera for a good price?…tml

    And anyone got an asda code?


    Very true. MegaPixels are not as important as most people tend to think.

    Sensors on compact cameras are tiny. A higher numbers of pixels does, in theory, mean that enlarged images will be sharper/clearer but this does not take into account:
    a) that we're talking about millions of dots in a still, relatively, small print size. Most images up to around A3 will show little, if any, difference in quality whether they contain 5/6 or 10/12 megapixels.
    b) more pixels on a small sensor leads to increasingly complex in camera software to reduce cross pixel interference. This software itself can introduce unwanted artifacts into the final image.

    Please bear in mind that camera manufacturers need to sell new cameras to customers on a reasonably regular basis. They have discovered that many consumers fall for the megapixel marketing ploy so they use it. After all, if there's nothing wrong with your camera, you're happy with it and the images you get from it why change? Of course there are other features that have been introduced in recent years that have improved the image capturing experience, such as face detection and smile recognition, and the growth in the range of superzooms is also a benefit to some but increasing the number of megapixels is a great tool for the manufacturers to use as long as it works in the marketplace.

    Also, there is lens resolution to bear in mind. The physical size of compact camera lenses, and in particular the size of the aperture through which the light passes on its way to the sensor, limits the actual resolving power of the lens. This resolution can be maximised by using a mid setting aperture and by using a lens that is actually made of higher quality glass but ultimately, the combination of small sensor and pixel pitch (distance between pixels on the sensor) will mean that high pixel count compact cameras are effectively wasting a bunch of their pixels because the lens on the camera is incapable of letting that amount of detail through.

    The Canon PowerShot A470 springs to mind, was under £50 at Argos, can't check right now their website appears to be down.
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