Need a good idea for a personalised present!

Found 19th Apr 2011
It was my friends birthday the other day. Every year I've tried to do or make something personal for them, but this year I was completely lost for ideas!

So now I'm in the awkward position of needing something quick cause I made the mistake of telling her that 'It's coming soon'.... BAD IDEA!

But anyway have any of you guys got any unique ideas for presents?
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What about one of those experience days?
bit more info on the person, and what things have you done already? may have a better idea what to suggest then
give them a nudez pic of yourself
I organised a bottle of champagne with a personalised label for a friend, she loved it and it tasted alright too - you sort of expect these novelty things to be cheap and horrible, but it was nice enough.
I can try and find which company it was if you like?

Other than that, you could get a nice empty wooden box, like an old wine crate, and buy some flowers or herbs and plant them in there for her.

You could name a rose after her and get the seeds.

Bake a cake and decorate it nicely.
smash her back doors in!

smash her back doors in!

Pardon ? oO
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