Need a good online jeweler

    As a bloke I have absolutely naff all idea where to go to get my missus a nice bit of jewellery. It's nothing too fancy I have in mind so shopping online shouldn't be too risky.

    Thing is I have no idea what online sites do this sort of thing. Yes, before you ask of course I can Google it, but that'll just give me the sites with the best SEO not the best quality which is what I'm really after.

    Don't mind paying more if it's for quality - it is a gift after all. I've just been told to avoid the high street (though no other advice given) so I'm a bit lost!


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    I've just figured out the person I've asked might have actually been telling me to go here -

    Yes, that is how clueless I am.

    You have not stated what kind of jewellery that you would like to buy your wife , bit more info including age, gold or silver, necklace ,bracelet, earrings etc would be good to know to help you . How about Tiffany or Swarovski or look on stores like selfridges

    howabout some Moissanite ?

    get more for your money and a good look

    Something out of the mainstream (know someone who works for them!)

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    Debmm - You're right. I'm looking sub-£100 and she likes a more simple look so a band design is what I'm going for. White gold would be nice or failing that silver.

    Mrwhitelabel - Will check it out cheers!

    Defreklogan7 - I do love etsy but for this mission it's all about a more standard jeweller!

    Butterbean - Right treasure trove there thanks I'll take a look!
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