Need a great set of rechargeable AA batteries

    Found some great rechargeable AA + AAA batteries and chargers


    only 2.99 in home baragins for the energiser 2000 mah ones. These sell for about 8.99 elsewhere

    We have 4 cordless phones.

    All losing charge very quickly now, within 1 hours of being off base. There are rchable batteries in each phone so looks like we need to replace them.

    Will be there tomorrow, ta

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    OK I looked all over ebuyer, play, comet currys and the best price was on Ebay £10 cheaper than Ebuyer.…doZ

    I know some of you might say ebay is a lesser quality, and i agree on clothes and some items from thiland and other places like that.

    Ive just ordered 4 AA with wall charger and car charger and 4 AAA which fit in the charger. Eneregizer 1 hour chargers.

    These are high capacity AA - 2500mAh and AAA 1000mAh

    I bought a pack of 12 AA (2000mAh) last week for £9.99 at Maplins. Best deal I could find locally to me. Here's the link - although I bought in store as couldn't find free delivery!!…414

    Got pack of AA rechargables from Maplins. They have ran out of the AAA ones. Good deal. Then got home to find phones take AAA batteries :x
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