Need a LCD TV around 22" for upto £200

    Need a TV, ideally 22" but no larger, for a bedroom.
    It has to be wall mountable - this is essential.
    Needs to be HD ready.

    Will be plugged into a virginmedia cable box, so not bothered about freeview.
    If it came with a built-in DVD player which can handle divx then perfect - but not essential.


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    The best I can come up with myself is this one -…OS/
    (Samsung LE19R86 - 19'' Widescreen HD Ready LCD TV - With Freeview - Black )

    Ideally, I need something like that, but a tad larger.…154

    £159.99 19" LCD HD ready with freeview. 15" model is £129.99

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    Thanks, but I think the first 2 are actually just monitors (In fact, the first one you linked is the very same monitor that I am using right now!).

    I'll checkout the 3rd item shortly.

    Depends what you're after - This one at Asda £177 also has an inbuilt dvd but is sold out online but I saw one in my local store last week.

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    Guys, I am still looking for a suitable TV.
    It needs to be 22" ideally please.


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    Someone suggested this -…htm
    LG M2294D
    It seems to be fairly decent - any opinions?

    Just a thought, but if you know someone with a Makro card it might be worth a look in there? There's a 19" Akura with integral DVD player on at the moment £124.99(+VAT) Sounded ok to me.

    Current mailings should be here:

    Probably not what you're after but thought it might be worth a go.

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    This Samsung t220hd seems really good too, but no wall mount...

    This seems the best of the bunch so far at £225 + £8 p&p from pixmania.…1-7

    Try this - I have been searching for weeks now. I have to buy 2 for my kids bedrooms.
    I think this is the best you will do @ £199.95 with free P&P…nit
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